Traditional Thai Wedding Temple Ceremony
Buddhism is as much a philosophy as it is a religion. The open-minded and tolerant nature of the faith allows the clergy to perform wedding rituals for those who know little about it, including those who have never practiced the religion.

There are three different venues and ceremonies; you will first pay your respects to the Buddha Image in the temple. Then you will receive blessings from the monks. It is surrounded by spectacular tropical forest and mountains. The final ceremony will be held at the inner sanctum of the Pagoda Temple, the very heart of this sacred space, beautiful and unforgettable.

There are different venues for a Buddhist Wedding Blessing ceremony. Some takes place in the hotel, some on the beach and some in the temple itself. We think that the monks belongs in the temple and therefore the ceremony should also be there. One favourite is Wat Bang Rieng, located in Phang Ng,a between Phuket and Krabi. Located in the deep forest and on top of a mountain, this temple is very special and peaceful. Another venue is in Krabi Town; Wat Kew, this is a local and main temple of Krabi Town. Simple but beautiful. It is also possible to have a ceremony at a original Ayutthaya House here in Krabi. It is a very special feeling and atmosphere to have your Buddhist ceremony in this traditional house. But again in the Temple itself is the best and most magical.

We think that it is more special to have the ceremony in the temple itself as far as that is possible. The Monks belongs in the Temple and that is why we go there rather than asking them to come out to different locations. The felling and surroundings just makes the ceremony so much special. And we do not want to “disturb” the Monks because they actually belongs in the Temple.

All Buddhist ceremonies will take place in the morning.  Fin out more about traditional Thai wedding ceremonies here.