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What’s Thailand’s climate like?

There are three seasons in Thailand, although what they are called and when they start is subject to much debate.


The Summer season runs essentially from March through to June, with temperatures between 33 C – 48 C in the day, and not below 27 C at night.


The Monsoon season runs from July through to November with frequent heavy rain around 5.00pm. The temperatures range from 32 C during the day to 16 C at night.


The winter season runs from November through to February with temperatures at 32C during the day, to a bearable 16 C at night, although in the North, it could be as low as 12 C. This also doubles up as the dry season During the rainiest months of July to November, we recommend that you pack a light waterproof jacket and a pair of closed shoes.


The best time to visit Thailand is during the winter and summer seasons which run from November to April each year. This is the time when we consider a high season. However, the low season from May to October which coincides with the rainy season features much cheaper accommodation.

Is a Wedding in Thailand legal?

In case you are a Norwegian citizen you can contact he Norwegian Seamans Church and they can arrange the legalization for Norwegian citizens in Thailand.
It is a very special moment when the Priest is marrying you on a pristine beach where we have the advantage that Mother Nature provides the stunning surroundings.


The most common way is that the couple will arrange all the legal documents in their country and become legal married at home. And her in Thailand they have the ceremony itself.


We will have a Master of Ceremony to perform the wows just as a normal wedding ceremony. There are possibilities to make your wedding legal in Thailand, but it involves a trip to Bangkok and there are many processes to go through and sometimes several charges involved, therefore we do not arrange this service. The best is to contact a lawyer office in Bangkok. Religious wedding ceremonies are the perfect way for a couple to join in the name of God.


A beautiful expression of love and faith, a religious wedding ceremony often follows sacred and time-honored traditions that have a special significance. A religious wedding ceremony often accentuates the spiritual side of marriage and the joining of two souls.


A non-religious wedding ceremony is better suited to those of a more secular nature. While religion is not mentioned the same themes of love, trust and commitment remain. Non-religious wedding ceremonies include services that are without rituals; ceremonies that include rituals but no religious elements; and finally, those that are religious in feel, but not in practice. Due the variety of styles and experiences among non-religious wedding ceremonies many include custom wedding vows.

Is it safe to Drink the Water?

Despite the fact that the authorities have made efforts to make tap water meet World Health Organization standards, very few people drink tap water in Thailand, even the local population.


Bottled water is widely used instead. Some people actually boil tap water before use, but this will not remove chemical toxins or remnants of whatever else was there before boiling. You should also be careful with ice, as freezing does not protect you from bacteria, viruses or chemicals. Brushing your teeth with tap water is considered to be safe, although those with very sensitive stomachs may occasionally experience problems.


In restaurants, you will find the water to be generally safe. You can always buy small bottles if you like but make sure the seal has not been broken. However, you should be very careful with street vendors and street food stalls. The biggest risk is actually from the cleanliness of the glasses themselves.


You can become very ill indeed if you are not careful. Drink directly from the bottle if you are in any doubt. Don’t worry too much about the ice that is served in cafes etc as they usually have the ice delivered to them from government inspected ice factories.

What should we wear for a Wedding in Thailand?

Our beautiful weather means that light clothes, made from linen for example, are preferable. Don’t worry about bringing any socks to Thailand! Having your wedding in Thailand you can wear anything you wish for. But we do not recommend black suit since the climate is very hot. A light Suit maybe with a west instead of a jacket is good. Some Grooms also wear Suit Shorts, classic linen trousers and loose white shirt.


There are no rules in regards of the Wedding gowns in Thailand, as long as it is polite and clean. The Bride can wear either a full proper wedding dress or she can also wear a simpler dress. The trend is that the Bride will wear a proper wedding dress and the Groom is more laid back and classic. Since we are on the beach you may also be barefoot during the ceremony. But is it good to bring some shoes for the dinner after the Beach ceremony and Cocktail.

What is the voltage of electricity supply? Do I need to take a converter?

The electricity in Thailand is 220 volts, 50 cycles per second. Most receptacles in Thailand have two prongs, missing the third earth prong at the bottom. However, the newest office and condominium dwellings usually offer the third prong due to increased awareness of the importance of grounding for both safety and equipment damage reasons.

How is Wedding Hair and Makeup styling in Thailand?

The hair and makeup styling for a Thai Wedding and for Thai people are very different from European styling. We strongly recommend booking an experienced Hair and Stylist team. Even several local hair dressers say they can do it we have experiences that the outcome is not as we wish. The Thai Brides will use much more makeup and spray than in Europe. We have professional teams who are ready to assist you. It costs more than a local hair dresser, but the outcome is also totally different.

What languages are spoken in Thailand?

Different parts of Thailand have different dialects and different ways of speaking, so it can be quite difficult to understand Thai speakers from another part of the country. Hill tribes and other ethnic groups have their own languages; for instance there are villages of Chinese settlers in Thailand where little Thai is spoken, or on the islands where sea gypsies have settled. English is the most common second language, and many Thais have studied some level of English either at school or through practice with foreign friends.

Wedding Rings? Can we order in Thailand?

Many couples have already arranged their rings from home. You also have the possibilities to order your rings in Thailand. If you choose a simple design or a more sophisticated one, we can check with our experiences Jewelry from Bangkok. And if you give all the requirements needed they can make the rings for you in advance ready for your arrival. We do strongly recommend checking very well before you choose the shop in case you order them from Thailand. In regards of insurance and quality etc.There are also many unserious jewelries in Thailand.

Can I buy a local SIM card?

SIM cards of local Thai network providers are widely sold and may be used to call/text both local and internationally. You may be required to show your passport so have it ready just in case.

Can you assist with Villa Rental and Hotel Accommodations?

Wedding in Thailand can assist you with most of the details required. You only need to book the flights. Our sister company www.krabi-spesialisten.com can assist with accommodation, hotels or private Villas, transfers from airport or between destinations and Tours and activities. Have one contact point for your entire wedding and stay is one of our benefits to offer you.

What important phone numbers should I be aware of?

Tourist Police (English, French and German spoken) : 1155

Central Emergency (Police, Ambulance, Fire) : 191

Crime Suppression : 195 or (662) 513 3844

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Call Centre : 1672

Immigration Bureau : (662) 287 3101-10

How much notice would you recommend planning a wedding in Thailand?

A minimum of one week, a maximum of two years; it all depends on the size of your wedding. We recommend sending out a ͞save the date͟ card to guests one year in advance so all your loved ones can attend if you plan a larger wedding. In case just the two of you or only close family we can arrange a wedding on very short notice. But of course, we recommend planning good time in advance.

What are some Cultural Do’s and Don’ts in Thailand?

Thai people are extremely polite, and their behavior is controlled by etiquette and influenced by Buddhism. Thai society is non-confrontational, and as such, you should avoid confrontations at all costs.


Never loose, your patience or show your anger no matter how frustrating or desperate the situation because this is considered a weakness in Thai society. It is important to cultivate an air of diplomacy when traveling in Asia. Conflicts can be easily resolved with a smile.


Dress code is also important. Thais like to dress smartly and neatly. Do not wear revealing clothing such as shorts, low cut dresses, and bathing suits as they are considered as improper attire in Thailand. Keep in mind that this type of clothing is only acceptable in the beach. It is advisable to wear long skirts or long trousers when entering a temple.


Women should not touch monks. If a woman wants to hand something to a monk, she must do so indirectly by placing the item within the monk͛s reach. Remove shoes when entering houses and temples.


Public display of affection between sexes is frowned upon. Avoid touching people. The head is the highest part of the body, so avoid touching it.


The feet are the least sacred, so avoid pointing it at anyone or kicking them as it is extremely insulting to do so. Thais usually do not shake hands.


The ͚Wai͛ is the usual greeting. The hands are placed together and raised upwards towards the face while the head is lowered with a slight bow. The height to which the hands are held depends on the status of the people involved. The higher, the politer. In case of monks, higher dignitaries, and elderly, hands are raised to the bridge of the nose, while with equals only as far from the chest. Young people and inferiors are not Wai͛d but a slight nod is acceptable.


Do not blow your nose or lick your fingers while eating. While Thai people may commonly pick their noses they have high table manners. The right hand must be used when picking up food eaten with fingers. When entering a foreign culture for the first time, it is highly likely to make a mistake. If you do so in Thailand, just smile or Wai  and you will be forgiven.

Do you offer additional wedding or event services?

Yes! A variety of additional services are on offer, please click HERE to see more.


Can you organize the music / bands for the evening party?


Yes, the surrounding areas are full of talented musicians and DJs who all love playing for a wedding in Thailand.


Special Entertainment


Fire show, fireworks, Thai dance and band can be arranged.


What about Wedding cake, photographers and Video team – Can you also arrange this?


Wedding in Thailand has a great team and the best suppliers who we have worked with over the past 15 years.


How about the flowers – how do we choose the flowers and colors?


For us the Wedding bouquet is very important since all remaining set up and decoration will be matching this one. Some flowers are local such as orchids, lotus and small roses but we also use special flowers like roses, lilies, cattleya and vendela among many other kinds of flowers. We ask the bride to preferably send us pictures of a dream bouquet and we will match this one, we also have several samples of bouquets that the Bride can choose from. It will all be matching and look very nice throughout the day.


What do you offer in terms of decorations?


We have two different styles for western ceremonies; the altar, a four-posted construction on a stage, or a large heart filled with flower leaves in the sand. We aim to tailor-make all decorations to our guests’ tastes and this extends to the wedding banquet as well. What is required to be married in Thailand in terms of legal documents – and is the marriage legal back in our country.


We can arrange great tours or activities you and your guests. Whether it is Thai cooking classes Island Hopping, Kayak and hot spring among many other options. We can also arrange and assist on arranging your Honeymoon or any activity you may be looking for within Thailand. Just ask us.