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How to get legally married in Thailand Marriage is one of the most important events in a person’s life. It celebrates love and leaves a priceless memory to cherish for a lifetime. It shall come as no surprise that couples choose to get married in Thailand for it offers the perfect setting for this monumental occasion, no matter what the couple’s preference may be, from serene beaches to rustic mountains, Thailand’s

Planning what could be the happiest day of your life requires creative input from both partners and any family members and friends you've decided to include in the planning, apart from rigorous preparations to make sure the day goes smoothly. Wedding planning can be a wonderful part of life, but it can also be very challenging and stressful. Therefore, having a Local Wedding Planner (Like US!) on your destination will relief

What should we wear for a Wedding in Thailand? Our beautiful weather means that light clothes, made from linen for example, are preferable. Don’t worry about bringing any socks to Thailand! Having your wedding in Thailand you can wear anything you wish for. But we do not recommend black suit since the climate is very hot. A light Suit maybe with a west instead of a jacket is good. Some Grooms also

Looking for a beautiful ceremony and affordable Thailand Destination Wedding Packages? Look no further!  We are currently offering a special booking rate for our "Green Season Weddings"! If you want to escape the crowds, if you want to have your special wedding on an unspoilt and empty beach then Pan Beach might just be the best place for you. Located between Ao Nang and Klong Muang this is a very peaceful

Looking for something unique and different?  Check out our Krabi Sunset Cocktails & Dinner.  You can choose from Island hopping, or local island trip with sunset cocktail.  And, add on dinner if you like, at the beautiful Pan Beach.  Or, if you would like to skip the island tour, just opt for the lovely sunset cocktail and dinner option! We are happy to make all accommodations for your private tour.  Just

Buddhism is as much a philosophy as it is a religion. The open-minded and tolerant nature of the faith allows the clergy to perform wedding rituals for those who know little about it, including those who have never practiced the religion. There are three different venues and ceremonies; you will first pay your respects to the Buddha Image in the temple. Then you will receive blessings from the monks. It

Interested in saving thousands of dollars?  Come to Thailand for your beautiful destination wedding.  We have done the calculations, and you can save more than 80% of traditional wedding fees! Our cost effective packages will help you save, and, you can also decide to put this savings towards your Honeymoon Package. Check out this Cost Savings Comparison: Even our most VIP packages cost less than a basic wedding setup that you would get

One of the best parts about planning a destination wedding here is that the most romantic honeymoon destinations in Thailand are just around the corner! Krabi is a "hot spot" for tourists wanting to relax on the beach, and spend time enjoying the amazing scenery.  Southern Thailand is most famous for its beautiful karst formations.  These giant limestone mountains jut up from the sea and are breathtaking!  They also make incredible

Here in Thailand, the tide tables are always changing based on the cycles of the moon.  What that means for our lovely destination wedding customers, is that they might be better suited to choose certain locations based on the tides.  One of the many benefits of working with our team, is that we will figure all of that out for you! Perspective Customers Always Ask: What about the weather? Our weather patterns are