Where to Stay for Your Destination Wedding In Thailand

When our guests contact us, typically, they have not yet decided on their accommodation – and, that is OK!  We are here to help!

To begin, there are a few factors to consider.

Size of Wedding Party

Typically, larger venues are held at  the bigger hotels or resorts.  For example, if you have over 100 guests coming, a resort has the resources you will need to block out your rooms in advance, and set up an event of that size.  We can help you coordinate with a hotel venue of your choice, and also with the reservations for your guests!  Just let us know the size of your wedding party, and your “Date to Be”.


Setting for Wedding Celebration

Some couples would like to have a more private event and make sure that they are the only ones on the beach.  In this case, we would recommend doing a more intimate event at a small and private location, and you and your wedding party can stay together at a Boutique Hotel, or in nearby Villas.

Proximity to Guests

One thing to consider is a “before” and an “after” wedding strategy about how close you would like to be to your guests.  For example, in the beginning, before the wedding, it will be necessary for you to greet your guests, be nearby for your Group Trips or Dinners together, and to get ready together on your Wedding Day.  We recommend that your guests stay nearby during this phase as it is easier to coordinate everyone together.  BUT – there should also be a cut-off date where you drive off for your Honeymoon…

Your Honeymoon

Staying away from your guests is essential for you to get a proper honeymoon!  We have several getaways that we can recommend to you, and romantic settings for Just The Two of You to enjoy and celebrate together.  Time to turn off your phones and relax by the sea!


Just Contact Us for recommendations, and check out our Hotels and Accommodations page Here.

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