What Does a Wedding Planner in Thailand Do?
Our Wedding Planners are available to make sure Your Dream Wedding comes true.  In other countries, a Wedding Planner is an additional cost and works outside of the wedding, itself.  One great thing about Wedding In Thailand is that your wedding planner is included, for FREE!

Once the wedding has been planned and the couple arrives to Thailand you will go through all details a final time and then the wedding couple shall have their time for relax and enjoy until the wedding day.We are here to assist you though the very special day despite the huge stress and the couple being nervous and excited.

We will lead you through the planning face and together you will finalize all details for the wedding. We can also speak the local language and coordinate with all parties involved on your special day.  (There are some language barriers in Thailand, not everyone speaks English.)  It is our aim to see you relaxed and happy throughout the entire day.

A Wedding Planner Can

But, most importantly…

  • Allow you to relax that you will get what you need and want for your wedding!

Your wedding day should be should be a day of celebrations, emotions, laughter, smiles and happiness and joy!  Contact us now to get your Wedding Planner Today!