Thailand Destination Weddings – Know The Tides!
Here in Thailand, the tide tables are always changing based on the cycles of the moon.  What that means for our lovely destination wedding customers, is that they might be better suited to choose certain locations based on the tides.  One of the many benefits of working with our team, is that we will figure all of that out for you!

What about the weather?

Our weather patterns are determined by “High” and “Low” seasons where the weather basically goes from sunny to stormy.  While this pattern is difficult to predict exactly, High season generally runs from October to April.  In May through September, we have beautiful days, but it is “rainy season”, so provisional arrangements such as a tent or covered areas are recommended for your wedding plan.

What about the tides?

Our expert team will research this in advance and can make the best recommendations for locations and times.  We know each area very well and know where to set up to avoid any issues.  Just ask our team and find out more about where (and when!) you should set your wedding date.


Are some locations only available certain times of the year?

Most of our locations are available year-round.  However, we may have recommendations of the best location for the time of year.  For example, if you are getting married during rainy season, we can help you make a setup that will work for you Rain or Shine!

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