We have great respect for the Buddhism and Monks in Thailand therefore we do not wish to bring the Monks to the beach area, they belong in the Temple of Thai traditional Thai House.  The atmosphere and scenery is can not be described in words.  When you enter the ready decorated Thai House pavilion with the 3 – 5 Monks waiting for you, the feeling of calmness comes over you and it is like you enter another world, beautiful and peaceful.

As you arrive to The Thai House you will first pay respect to the Buddha Image on the display, you will have a Local Thai Person speaking well English by your side at all times to lead you through step by step. The main session is at the Thai House Pavilion; here all the guests can attend.  The Monks will sit on a higher level and the wedding couple will sit down on their knees in front of them on the floor. All guests will sit behind the couple also on the floor. (No one can have their head higher than the Monks at any time).

Capacity 20 PAX

* Pricing is for Wedding Couple only, please inquire about cost for additional guests.

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