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Buddhism is as much a philosophy as it is a religion. The open-minded and tolerant nature of the faith allows the clergy to perform wedding rituals for those who know little about it, including those who have never practiced the religion.

In Thai belief it is important to give as well as to receive on the most important occasions of one’s life. As the couple enter into a new life together, they will make food offerings to the monks and receive their blessing for a happy and long-lasting union. As the newly wed in a gesture of respect to offer food and other daily necessities, the monks return their gifts by chanting ancient blessings giving a spiritual dimension to the couple’s promises.

Sai Mongkol is the sacred string meant to bind two people for life. In this traditional Thai blessing, simple white cotton thread is looped in circles and placed on the heads of the bride and groom, to unite the couple’s souls. This is then followed by a water blessing ritual where the wedding guests, beginning with the parents and the most respected elders of the wedding party, approach the kneeling bride and groom to pour scented water over their hands from a sacred conch shell as they offer their best wishes for a happy life together to the couple. This simple but elegant ceremony is a step into Thai history and tradition.

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