How to Plan Your Wedding in Thailand
Planning what could be the happiest day of your life requires creative input from both partners and any family members and friends you’ve decided to include in the planning, apart from rigorous preparations to make sure the day goes smoothly.

Wedding planning can be a wonderful part of life, but it can also be very challenging and stressful. Therefore, having a local wedding planner, like us, on your destination will relief you from all the stress. This is why we are here; you tell us what you want, and we will make it happen.

Some couples will plan their wedding far in advance more than a year in advance, some couples spontaneous decides to have their wedding on their holiday to Thailand. We are here to assist any couples. We can plan larger weddings or smaller weddings. As long as we have a free date and the venue, and the team is ready, we can also arrange a perfect dream wedding in last minute.

1. Set the Date

First, we need to set a date and book the Priest or Master of Ceremony for this date

2. Choose the Venue

The sooner this is done the better. Once you have the destination and venue selected the rest of the planning can start. Whether you want to be laidback and low key or a luxurious extravagant wedding, Thailand is the perfect place to get married. Throughout the numerous Thai beaches and islands, you will find hospitality that is not seen in the Western world much more, coupled with exotic, tropical, great cuisine and sunsets, just amazing and unforgettable.

It is important also to choose the hotel or Villa you want to stay. Then the Wedding Planner can start the logistic planning which is an important part of the planning. Once hotel and venue are in place we will start to plan all the details. Color these, flowers, wedding bouquet style, wedding dress, menu for cocktail and menu for the dinner, entertainment, photographer, Video team, wedding cake and all other details for the wedding day.

Someone with larger weddings may also want to arrange some common activities like boats trip, get together dinner for all guests to get to know each other, hence nights for bride and groom etc.


3. Send out Wedding Invitations

Since you are planning to have your wedding in Thailand, abroad you should send out the invitations at least one year in advance.


4. Choose your Wedding Dress

Do you want to order a ready-made wedding dress from home or do you want to tailor make on in Thailand? Thailand is well known of its Tailor industry and if you are looking for a simple dress this could be the place to make it. As for the Groom and all men it is perfect to tailor make it here in Thailand.


5. Select the Wedding Rings

Again, either you can pre-buy them at home, but Thailand is also famous for its jewelry business. There are several specialized Jewelers who can design your wedding rings.If you  use Wedding in Thailand as your Wedding Planner, we will help with all of the above options, for free.  Just contact us today to learn more.  Happy Planning!