How Much Should We Pay for Our Guests at a Destination Wedding?
This is the most asked question of couples to be: How Much Should We Pay for Our Guests at a Destination Wedding? And, you are right to be asking this question. After all, you have chosen to have your wedding away, and it is an expense for your wedding party that will join you!

Four Items You Should Pay For Your Guests

We recommend four things top items that you should pay for / arrange for your guests traveling to your destination wedding, and we will cover all of those in this article today:

  • Their meal/ beverages at the ceremony
  • Get them a discounted rate for a group booking
  • Pay for or arrange to share the cost of an excursion
  • Wedding gift for memorabilia


Make The Booking Easy!

Your job is to make the booking experience as easy as you can for your guests. This means that most people can arrange for a destination wedding if they are given notice, and, if the ceremony takes place over a weekend or holiday weekend. Arranging the venue in advance, and coordinating with your own country’s holidays can help your guests, a lot.


Communicate Your Availability

Let your guests know in advance that you will be available before the wedding, but, not after. The time after the wedding is for your Honeymoon! So, don’t spoil it by having unwanted guests tag along. If you clearly define that you have X days available for them, it will set clear expectations for when they should book, and how much they will see you.


Pay for your Group’s cost of the Wedding Ceremony

Depending on the Wedding Package that you choose, it will already include snacks, canapés, and sparkling wine/ beverages. If you decide that you would like to have a full dinner, we can also arrange that for you, as well.

Not sure how to Budget For Your Destination Wedding? Click here for a full outline.


How To Get A Group Discount Rate For Your Guests

The next best thing that you should do for your Wedding Party is to make sure that they have the best rates possible. Depending on the Venue of your Wedding, you can work with us to help arrange a special rate. If you block out a certain number of guaranteed rooms, you can get a price reduction. Also, if you check out some of our Special Packages, it can even include some really Amazing Tours, too!

Present the discounted rate to your guests, and set a time limit to get confirmation from them to secure the booking.  One of the best parts about having everyone in Paradise is doing something fun and memorable together!


Group Excursions

While it is good to get some input from your guests about where they want to go and see while they are in Thailand, we recommend picking one activity that you can be in charge of, and setting that up for them. This means it needs to be something any level can participate in like our Phi Phi Island Excursion or Four Islands by Speedboat Trip.

Each of your guests will have an idea of more specific trips they want to take, and, this is great! Just refer them to us, and we can help make that arrangement.

It will be easier (and less stressful) for you, however, if you only commit to scheduling one that you want everyone to go on together. We will handle the rest – pickups, meals, equipment, and drop off. And, we are happy to help your guests with any of their other adventures once you go off on your Honeymoon!


Wedding Memorabilia

It is customary in Thailand to give a small gift to your guests for attending the wedding. This can be a small keepsake and act as a reminder of their beautiful trip abroad.

Don’t worry!

These gifts do not need to be expensive! In fact, you can purchase them for under five dollars, and have something beautiful for each guest to take home. Ones we recommend are:

  • Traditional Thai Wedding Fan
  • Small Flower Bracelet
  • Tiny Bubbles
  • And, our favorite – a Group Photo

By making these arrangements for your guests, it makes them feel special and ensures that they have a wonderful trip full of memories.  Contact us HERE to set up your Group’s Wedding Details.

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