Finding a Destination Wedding Planner in Thailand
In some countries, one of your biggest expenses is going to be your Wedding Planner. The wedding planner is an integral part of your wedding that helps you to pick out the venues, find the best suppliers, and, most importantly, stay on budget.

But, how do you have a Wedding Planner when you are organizing a Destination Wedding?

When you book your wedding with us, this part is simple – AND FREE!

At Wedding in Thailand, we act as your Wedding Planner from start to finish.

We help you organize – and customize – ever detail of your wedding to make the wedding of your dream. What you might not know, is that we also do a lot more than that. Here are some ideas to make your day go much more smoothly, and, your trip and honeymoon a great success!


Destination Wedding Planners can help you with:

  • Tailoring – getting your dress and menswear designed in your destination country is a fantastic way to save time, and money. You won’t have the stress of dragging your dress all around, and if you arrive a few days early, your alterations can be done and ready for your special day. The cost of dresses in Thailand are incredibly affordable compared to other countries, just ask us, we can help!
  • Wedding Rings – thought you needed those sorted in advance? Think again! We partner with a fantastic ring designer and can help you stretch your wedding budget even further by ordering them here.
    Hair & Makeup – just let us know the Hairstyle and Makeup that you would like to have and we will organize a stylist for you! No need to bring your own, or fill up your bag with heavy curlers!
  • Hotel & Accommodation – whether you are interested in a Villa or a hotel, we can get you and your wedding party sorted. We have a large variety of hotel partners to ensure your day is amazing and that you and your guests rest well atnight.
  • Wedding Extras – want some fireworks? Balloons? Special music, or live entertainment? No problem. As your destination wedding planner, we’ve got you covered!
  • Honeymoon – our specialty is Honeymoons! We can help recommend and even arrange all of your tours and transfers so that you have a beautiful getaway here in Thailand.
  • And, of course, Your Actual Wedding Day!

Again, the BEST part about working with us is there is no additional charge. We include all of our planning services FREE, and since we have been here for 15 years, we know the best people to put you in contact with for a stress free and fun wedding!