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Group Travel Ideas for Your Wedding Party

While it is good to get some input from your guests about where they want to go and see while they are in Thailand, we recommend picking one activity that you can be in charge of, and setting that up for them. This means it needs to be something any level can participate in like our Phi Phi Highlights Island Excursion or Hong Island by Longtail Trip.

Each of your guests will have an idea of more specific trips they want to take, and, this is great! Just refer them to us, and we can help make that arrangement.

It will be easier (and less stressful) for you, however, if you only commit to scheduling one that you want everyone to go on together. We will handle the rest – pickups, meals, equipment, and drop off. And, we are happy to help your guests with any of their other adventures once you go off on your Honeymoon!

We have such amazing tours and destinations available for you and your group – just Click Here to See More Tours!

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