Destination Wedding Facts for Thailand Weddings

What should we wear for a Wedding in Thailand?

Our beautiful weather means that light clothes, made from linen for example, are preferable. Don’t worry about bringing any socks to Thailand! Having your wedding in Thailand you can wear anything you wish for. But we do not recommend black suit since the climate is very hot. A light Suit maybe with a west instead of a jacket is good. Some Grooms also wear Suit Shorts, classic linen trousers and loose white shirt. There are no rules in regards of the Wedding gowns in Thailand, as long as it is polite and clean. The Bride can wear either a full proper wedding dress or she can also wear a simpler dress. The trend is that the Bride will wear a proper wedding dress and the Groom is more laidback and classic. Since we are on the beach you may also be barefoot during the ceremony. But is it good to bring some shoes for the dinner after the Beach ceremony and Cocktail.

How is Wedding Hair and Makeup styling in Thailand?

The hair and makeup styling for a Thai Wedding and for Thai people are very different from European styling. We strongly recommend booking an experienced Hair and Stylist team. Even several local hair dressers say they can do it we have experiences that the outcome is not as we wish. The Thai Brides will use much more makeup and spray than in Europe. We have professional teams who are ready to assist you. It costs more than a local hair dresser, but the outcome is also totally different.



Wedding Rings? Can we order in Thailand?

Many couples have already arranged their rings from home. You also have the possibilities to order your rings in Thailand. If you choose a simple design or a more sophisticated one, we can check with our experiences Jewelry from Bangkok. And if you give all the requirements needed they can make the rings for you in advance ready for your arrival. We do strongly recommend checking very well before you choose the shop in case you order them from Thailand. In regards of insurance and quality etc. There are also many unserious jewelries in Thailand.

Can you assist with Villa Rental and Hotel Accommodations?

Wedding in Thailand can assist you with most of the details required. You only need to book the flights. Our sister company Krabi Spesialisten can assist with accommodation, hotels or private Villas, transfers from airport or between destinations and Tours and activities. Have one contact point for your entire wedding and stay is one of our benefits to offer you.

How much notice would you recommend planning a wedding in Thailand?

A minimum of one week, a maximum of two years; it all depends on the size of your wedding. We recommend sending out a “save the date” card to guests one year in advance so all your loved ones can attend if you plan a larger wedding. In case just the two of you or only close family we can arrange a wedding on very short notice. But of course, we recommend planning good time in advance.

What is the best time of the year to have a wedding in Thailand?

The best time for weddings on the beach in Thailand, is between January and April, as the weather is wonderful and dry. However, we do also arrange weddings during the Green Season which often has several sunny days. We do also have nice back up venues in case the weather should not be on our side.