Best Wedding Gifts for Your Destination Wedding Party
In Thailand, it is customary to give a small gift to your guests for attending the wedding.  Wedding Gifts for Your Destination Wedding Party can be a small keepsake and act as a reminder of their beautiful trip abroad.  For many couples, they worry about this detail because they are not able to determine what gift to give!  They are concerned about the size of the gift and how well it will travel. But, don’t worry!  We are here to help!

Let Us Order & Prepare Your Gifts for You

Save time and space by allowing us to take care of these arrangements.  We can pre-order everything and have it all ready.  This way, you don’t have to worry.  You don’t need to pack anything from home, and you don’t need to worry how well it will travel back.  We have a lot of experience in this area and know what products pack well.

If you are on a budget, don’t worry.  These gifts do not need to be expensive! In fact, you can purchase them for under five dollars, and have something beautiful for each guest to take home. Ones we recommend are:

  • Traditional Thai Wedding Fan – This is a great keepsake and perfect for warm afternoons.  Let your friends take home a little bit of Thailand with this beautiful hand crafted fan.

Small Flower Bracelet on the wedding day – Flowers can be dried and kept forever.  We love the fragrance of the small Thai bracelets, perfect for the gals attending your wedding.  And, we also have corsages for men!


  • Tiny Bubbles – This is a fun way to celebrate, and get great photos.  Give your guests some tiny bubbles!  We can order these in advance, and even get a little extra for the kids.


Make it a Memory, Not Just a Gift!

  • Group Photo – We love this gift as it keeps on giving.  If you and your wedding group would like to have a photo shoot arranged, just let us know.  We can work with you on the dates to get you the prints before you go, or, ship them to you to give as gifts once you are back home.

  • Group Holiday – We also make arrangements for group trips!  Really experience the best of Thailand with your friends and family by booking a group tour.  Just ask us for the details, and a special group rate!



Having prepared gifts for your guests makes them feel special and ensures that they have a wonderful trip full of memories.  And, by working with us, Wedding In Thailand offers this detail as a free service, included in your wedding planning!  The only arrangement you need to make is the selection of what gift you would like, and how many.  That’s it!  We will handle the rest.

Contact us to set up your Group’s Wedding Details.