Beach Wedding Hairstyles
Regardless of your hair type, we have some fantastic options for you – read on to find out the Best Hairstyles for a Beach Wedding In Thailand!

Best Hairstyles for a Beach Wedding in Thailand

The first thing you want to consider is if you want your hair up, half up, or completely down. We have a variety of styles to choose from and to get you started here.

Next, you want to decide if you want to go curly or straight. Our professional hair styling team will do their best to make your idea a reality. If you are getting married on the beach, consider that there may be some wind or breeze, and know that there is always some level of humidity here, in Thailand.


Accessorize with Tropical Flowers

If you want to do something special, consider adding tropical flowers to your hair! We have a gorgeous variety of flowers on-hand here in Thailand. And having that little extra can make your wedding photos even more special!

Have a look at our hairstyles and also our bouquets to see what flowers match your color scheme and add a little Bling to your ensemble.


Matching Bridesmaids

If you are interested in having matching hairstyles and adding tropical flowers for your bridesmaids, just let us know! We can make arrangements for your wedding party to look great together. This makes for fantastic wedding portraits, and an easy keepsake for your guests.


To Veil, or Not to Veil?

Many women fantasize about having their veil lifted before their perfect kiss on their wedding day. If you have always imagined this moment, than, having a veil might be a great option for you!


Our aim is to help you find the perfect destination, as well as making your dream day look and feel how you have envisioned. We even have tailors here in Thailand that can help you customize your perfect veil! This saves you the worry of having to travel with it, or it getting crushed in the packing. Contact Us Here to get our help preparing your veil for your wedding day!

Things to consider for your choice of veil:

  • Wind – if you will be on a boat or beach it will be windy
  • Length – consider shorter length as water may also be involved
  • Headband / Headdress – let our hair and makeup team help to secure your veil before your big event
  • Weather – if you are coming during Peak season or High season there is much less of a chance of rain



Going Without A Veil

If you decide to go without, it doesn’t mean that you cannot decorate or adorn yourself in other ways! We have a variety of tropical flowers, and beautiful hairstyles to make you feel beautiful and perfect for your wedding day. Have a look Here at our hairstyle options, and let us know which style and flower color you wish to use for your perfect day.

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